Publicado por VALDIR ROBERTO DOS SANTOS em: 04/04/2010
Preço (Sem Pontuação) R$1.000
Vender/Alugar À Venda
Tamanho 65535 Ha

Georeferenced areas certified by INCRA suitable for reforesting and sugar cane plantation.

23.525,97 Hec. + 23.218,00 Hec. + 24.422,41 Hec. + 23.411,84 Hec. + 24.681,02 Hec – Southwest of Piaui state, areas from 29 km from Canto do Buriti town on Eliseu Martins direction through BR 343 at 414 km from Teresina the capital of Piauí state. areas with native vegetation, with altitude from 465 to 540 meters from sea level, average yearly rain index of 1086mm (average of the last 20 years), being the draugh season between May and October, raining season from November to April, Thermal amplitude from 17 to 39 degrees. Main type of soil is “lactosolo” yellow with average texture + “latossolo” yellow with “clay” texture, both “Alicos” and “Distroficos” A, moderate, Caatinga phase being hipoxerofila (grass). The category of the relief is flat in 80% of the area and light hilly in 20%. The vegetal coverage is totally untouched and the most common in the region is the Pau Terra, Folha Larga, Pau Pombo, Cajui, Macambira Birro Cangaceiro, Birro branco, Jatobá, Canela de Velho, Pau d’Darco, Angico Branco and Sucupira, and others less representative.
The potential of the soil existing in the propriety are indicated for the plantation of castor seed, cashew, peanuts, sugarcane, coconut, acerola, guava, beans, watermelon, cattle farming, reforesting, among others.

At the present moment the best indication is to reforesting and supply of raw material to Suzano Celulose plant which is being built in the region.

Virgin soil composition; Phosphorus: 3,90 ppm – low; Potassium: + 15,60 ppm – low.;Calcium + Magnesium: ,40 me%; Aluminium: 1,13 me% PH: 3,8, Average “clay” of 28%.

Tubular wells has the average of 250 meters deep and an extraction rate of 10.000 to 15.000 liters/hour, water grade C1S1. The areas belong to the same owner since 1983 and are entitled with:

Definitive deeds, With Codempi origin, belonging to Juridical Persons with absolutely legalized situation, with all taxes and negative certificates available.

All areas are geo-referenced with INCRA register and certificates. A suitable place for reforesting and supply of raw materials to SUZANO CELULOSE in implantation phase.
Documentation: Definitive Deed, Register, CCIR, ITR, Geo Certificate by INCRA, IBAMA Certificates, NIRF, Brazilian IRS certificates, State and City, Civil Criminal and protest Courts.

Price: R$ 800,00 per Hectare. ($ 470,00 )
51.8185.8812 - 44.9937.5157 - 89.9984.7654 TIM

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